Upcoming Overview Sessions!


Are you struggling with:

  • Dropped Tasks
  • Lack of Direction
  • Too much busyness
  • Inescapable Distraction
  • Distant Dreams

If you can relate, I will discuss a system that could help you break these and help you:

  • Do more by doing less
  • Set constraints to make certain you can focus
  • Make 2022 a great year!

 Join for an overview!

Looking forward to sharing with you then!


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Here Comes 2022 – I have become a Pro!

I am getting ready for 2022 – How about you? I am still excited about 2021’s Christmas, hoping all will be alright as we face more pandemic woes, but I am thankful for the time to reflect and plan for 2022. I am also attending Michael Hyatt’s Best Year Ever event! I am excited to really turn things around this year. I have been excited to learn more about the things that make us able to focus. I have listened to Michael Hyatt’s book Best Year Ever (affiliate Link).

Full Focus Planner Pro

What in the world is a Full Focus Planner Pro? I have been certified as a Full Focus Planner® Professional! It is pretty humbling to be a part of a system that I have used for several years now, and though I am certified a pro, I constantly learn and grow with productivity. Almost four years ago, I was listening to a podcast, and they had Michael Hyatt on the show, introducing his book Best Year Ever (affiliate link). I had not heard of the Full Focus System that he was mentioning and his Planner, but it sounded compelling. I then was able to get the book and was able to listen to it on audio as well. It was excellent! I learned about Michael, his team, the Full Focus system, and the Planner that I have now been certified to teach and share with others. This changed my life in many ways because, although I had set yearly goals in the past, I could finally connect a system that looked at the process holistically. The Full Focus vision is what the Full Focus team calls the “Double Win”: “Win at work, and Succeed at life.” That sounds great but lofty as well. Well, it happens by making sure you are focused on the right things to make incremental steps towards the goals you want to achieve. I find this super helpful as I seem to have ADD and feel the world is “programming” me to be distracted. I often struggle with seeing the whole picture of what I am trying to do and why it is so important as I get frantic about the day’s tasks! But, that has changed (and continues to change) as I get focused and connect my Life, yearly, quarterly, weekly, and even daily goals, with the idea of why I am doing them! I want to help you find these same things, and I think this system does it better than most I have used or heard.

Things I have seen it help me with have been:

  • Getting more done by actually doing less!
  • Having a vision and hope for acheiving bigger goals that I have or know I can accomplish
  • Helping get past the self-defeating negative talk

So now what?

Well, I would love to share more and maybe get you started on planning your 2022 goals (and beyond!). Feel free to reach out to me @fyproductivity on Twitter, Find Your Productivity on Facebook.

But, please join those media outlets and look for more here as I help you find your productivity, which, as a huge hint, is usually based on WHY you are doing what you are doing! I will also help with things to help reduce the friction in getting things done daily!

NOTE: The Full Focus Planner®is a tool created by Michael Hyatt company

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Find Your Productivity

Productivity is personal. There is no “One Style Fits All” type of productivity prescription. Many of us, me included, will bounce around from productivity tool to tool, and maybe even methodology to methodology, but have a very hard time settling in on a set of tools that makes sense. There is a balance in productivity that we have to find, and there is likely a set of tools, activities, and systems that will benefit us all. This blog, podcast, and video set up is looking to help you be the most productive you, but not just in getting the to do list done, but in life as a whole. A holistic view of you, what works, and what doesn’t will help you Find Your Productivity.

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